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  • ⛏️ AI boom could feed precious metals' demand

⛏️ AI boom could feed precious metals' demand

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AI Boom Could Feed Precious Metals' Demand
To cope with the evolution of AI algorithms, demand will rise for platinum alloys used in chip manufacturing, silver-palladium Ag-Pd multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) and gold plating in printed circuit boards and palladium plating on lead frames. Read on »

Big Oil’s Mega Acquisitions Raise Questions About Peak Oil Demand
Investors are returning to oil and gas, and they want some of their recent huge returns. For that, and to secure the supply of a critical commodity in a world still very much dependent on it, the oil majors need access to more production assets. And so, the consolidations have begun. Read on »

[INTERVIEW] Uranium at Inflection Point, Will Get Completely Out of Hand
The uranium bull market is just getting started, but it could get "completely out of hand" before it's over. "I think that it's entirely plausible to see uranium at US$300 in a spike," Read on »

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