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⛏️ Biden plan would overhaul 151-year-old mining law

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Biden plan would overhaul 151-year-old mining law, make companies pay royalties for copper and gold
Under terms of an 1872 law, the U.S. does not collect royalties on minerals extracted from federal lands, a fact Democratic lawmakers and environmental groups have long lamented. The White House plan would impose a variable 4% to 8% net royalty on hardrock minerals produced on federal lands. Read on »

Who was Pedro Pérez Miranda? No one, really. He was Peter Ferrari.
Gold mined in the jungles of Peru brought riches to three friends in Miami—but it also carried ruin. Read on »

West Red Lake Gold Soars 14.92% Followed by Another 6% in last 2 days of Trading.
If you're only holding physical gold, you get the appreciation based on the spot price of gold. However, the way to really cash in with a 5X, 10X, or 15X potential move is to identify a miner who has assembled a winning project. Read on »

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