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Central Bank Gold Buying Picks up in April
Central banks' net gold purchases in April rose to 33t, recovering from March's low of 3t. The Central Bank of Turkey led the buying spree, followed by Kazakhstan and India. Despite a slowdown in March due to price spikes, April's data indicates continued strategic buying. Read on »

This Silver Bull Still Has Strong Legs
Silver's price surge past $30 is driven by rising demand in China and India and a global supply squeeze. Analyst Chen Lin predicts further gains as industrial demand, especially from the solar sector, accelerates. Read on »

Gold Rally Faces Reversal Signals
Gold's recent surge above USD 2,450, fueled by geopolitical tensions and central bank demand, faces potential reversal. Analyst Florian Grummes notes increasing bearish signals and the need for a short-term correction. Read on »

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