⛏️ Commodities Surge: A Double-Edged Sword

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Commodities Surge: A Double-Edged Sword
A surge in prices for the raw materials that power manufacturing and transportation shows investors betting on a prolonged expansion—and a potential rebound in inflation. Read on »

One Reason This Gold Bull Run Likely Still Has Legs
With ETF gold selling slowing and a flip to buying possibly on the horizon, along with continued robust central bank buying, we could see a significant strain on the gold supply, driving prices even higher. Read on »

Gold price sets record for eighth session in a row
Gold extended its hot streak on Tuesday by setting yet another all-time high, fueled by strong buying momentum and widespread geopolitical risks. With the prospect of lower interest rates ahead, the suggestion is that (gold exchange-traded-funds) ETFs have missed the rally and are now under-allocated. Read on »

Energy Stocks Rally Under The Radar
Most investors coming into 2024 weren't expecting anything out of energy, Yet, in recent weeks, analysts have started to raise earnings projections for Big Oil's performance this year. Energy stocks have outperformed the top tech stocks this year as the market has grown more bullish on oil. Read on »

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