⛏️ Gold to outperform Bitcoin in 2024?

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Gold will outperform Bitcoin in 2024, Bloomberg analyst predicts
Bitcoin is likely to underperform the stock market on a risk-adjusted basis in 2024, while gold may come out ahead, says Bloomberg's senior commodity strategist Mike McGlone. Read on »

Silver prices may be down, but they are not out; Bank of America sees potential in 2024
Despite the headwinds since the start of the year, Bank of America remains optimistic that silver prices can regain their luster later in the year. The bank sees silver prices averaging around $23.30 an ounce in 2024, roughly steady compared to the average price seen last year. Read on »

Does China’s ‘nonstop’ gold purchase show shift away from US dollar?
Why is China stocking up on something that does not bear any interest and is far more difficult to use than the highly liquid US dollar-denominated securities preferred by most nations? Read on »

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