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  • ⛏️ Gold Sees Highest Delivery Volume in Nearly 2 Years

⛏️ Gold Sees Highest Delivery Volume in Nearly 2 Years

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Gold Sees Highest Delivery Volume in Nearly 2 Years
The Comex report for last month correctly identified a potential big move in silver while the same report two months ago preceded a massive up move for the price of gold. Read on »

Americans’ Bank Info Could Be at Risk in Possible Fed Hack
On June 23, 2024, the criminal organization LockBit 3.0, a Russian ransomware cybercriminal group, publicly stated that it hacked the Federal Reserve and implied it would release over “33 terabytes of juicy banking information containing details of Americans’ banking secrets” unless a large ransom is paid. Read on »

From Investment to Industry: Gold's Technological Future Looks Bright
While demand for Gold as an investment has risen greatly historically, and particularly over the past year, recent technological discoveries provide powerful potential for Gold to increase in prominence as an industrial resource. Read on »

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