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Is Gold a Good Investment?
The point about gold – you buy it for its diversification potential. If everything else is going swimmingly then you’ll probably end up loathing your gold. But if it’s not… Read on »

How Did the Toronto Airport Lose $15.3 Million in Gold Bars?
The shipment was through an Air Canada service called AC Secure. Perhaps they should rename it “AC Secure-ish.” Read on »

What's Driving the Price of Gold?
Overall gold demand – including investment and jewellery - in the first half was 7% higher than in the same period of 2022. Specifically, the investment sector, which includes bars and coins. The one declining area in the overall demand mix was ETFs. Read on »

Community News

  • 'Apocalypse Proof' Assets Gold & Crypto Jump As Russia Confirms Major Strategic Nuclear Forces Drill Link>>

  • Gold stuck in tight range as traders seek direction from U.S. data Link>>

  • G7 announcement on Russian diamond ban expected by end Oct.- sources Link>>

  • Germany And France Finally Compromise On Nuclear Link>>

  • Surge Closes Initial 50% Acquisition of Lands in Area of Northern Nevada Lithium Project Link>>

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