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Japanese Panic Buy Gold As Yen Implodes And Inflation Soars
Japan? That's right: the otherwise quiet (and rapidly aging) population of Japan has found a new infatuation with gold, and it has the relentless money-printing juggernaut that is the BOJ to thank for it. Read on »

Gold’s Stay at the Hotel California
Gold investors find themselves trapped between a rock (paper) and a hard place (liquidity). In short, gold and nearly the entire resource sector is suffering a problem with liquidity. And more importantly, there are no large new gold funds being created. Read on »

Sprott Uranium Report: Strong Fundamentals Anchor Uranium's Rise
Uranium and uranium mining stocks had a strong month in August while most other energy transition metals declined on China's weakening economy. Uranium's price momentum is approaching a pivotal juncture as it edges close to its $63.77 peak in 2022. Read on »

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  • West Red Lake Gold soars 38% in 4 consecutive trading days defying falling gold prices Link>>

  • Chinese yards set to scale up LNG newbuild construction at record pace Link>>

  • BP CEO Looney to step down Link>>

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