⛏️ Mystery Solved: The Origin of Gold

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Scientists Unearth Gold’s Remarkable Origin Story
Recent research has established that precious metals such as gold and platinum came to Earth billions of years ago after the early proto-Earth collided with large, moon-sized bodies which left behind deposits of materials that were folded into what is today’s Earth. But that absorption process has remained something of a mystery, until now. Read on »

Is Gold About to Take Off?
The technical position for gold is looking very positive for higher prices. But technical analysis should be backed by fundamentals... Currently, the fundamentals for gold appear to fully support the technicals. Read on »

Entry Points and What It Takes to Be a Good Investor
There is an old saying that the trend is your friend. I find this not to be the case for me. By the time I identify a trend, it is pretty close to the end. The trend is your friend if you have an exceptional entry point. So, it is really about getting an exceptional entry point. Part of being a good investor is having the ability to see possibilities, Read on »

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