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  • ⛏️ Newmont CEO on Share Buybacks, Copper Projects

⛏️ Newmont CEO on Share Buybacks, Copper Projects

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Newmont CEO on Share Buybacks, Copper Projects
Newmont Corp. CEO Tom Palmer says the company's stock is at a once-in-a-generational price. He also says there are very big copper and gold projects on the way. Read on »

How to Use Gold in Your Portfolio
As with other specialized fund categories, Morningstar’s Role in Portfolio framework recommends that individual investors keep their gold exposure limited (which Morningstar defines as 15% of assets or less). Read on »

13 Silver Mining Stocks
As silver demand estimates remain optimistic, we decided to see which silver mining stocks hedge funds are buying. Read on »

The Curious Case of Languishing Silver Prices
Silver has languished despite its persistent structural deficit between silver’s supply versus demand. The metal is increasingly difficult to find and produce, while demand continues to rise. None of this has seemingly been reflected in the price. Supply and demand are economic laws that can only be circumvented temporarily. Read on »

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