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Nuclear Nightmare: America’s Achilles Heel
Everyone is talking about wind, solar, and electric cars. But the dark horse of the energy race is something we’ve known about for centuries yet misunderstood just as long. Read on »

Platinum market faces record deficit wpic says
By the end of 2023, above-ground stocks will represent only five months of annual demand, with most of these stocks held in China and not readily able to be exported to meet global shortfalls. Read on »

China is pushing ahead with dedollarization, hoarding gold for a 10th straight month after slashing Treasury holdings to a 14-year low
China's gold hoarding comes amid the country's push to erode the dollar's dominance of global trade and investment flows, as well as its status as the world's reserve currency. And China isn't the only country that's boosting gold holdings Read on »

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  • Brett Arends's ROI: This oil chart will scare the socks off you Link>>

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  • Demand Destruction is Backfiring Link>>

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