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  • ⛏️ Silver Demand Poised To Hit Record Levels

⛏️ Silver Demand Poised To Hit Record Levels

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Either I'm dumb or the world has lost its mind
Maybe I’m just an idiot, but I still just can’t figure out how everyone else seems to come to the conclusion that these 7 stocks should be worth 1/6th the value of every other stock in the world combined. Read on »

Silver Demand Expected to Hit Second-Highest Level on Record in 2024
Silver demand is expected to rise 1 percent, hitting 1.2 billion ounces in 2024, the second-highest level on record, according to projections by the Silver Institute. Read on »

Global Manufacturing Rebound Could Signal a Bright Year for Copper
Copper was one of only two metals that finished 2023 in the black, gold being the other metal. Copper’s allure, however, isn’t just a product of market speculation. It’s rooted in its critical role in powering the green transition. Read on »

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