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  • ⛏️ “Silver Isn’t Scarce” and Other Myths

⛏️ “Silver Isn’t Scarce” and Other Myths

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“Silver Isn’t Scarce” and Other Myths
Silver isn’t rare. But it is, in relative terms. Silver is relatively abundant compared to gold. But it is extremely rare compared to copper. Read on »

Gold survives US inflation bite to hold above
Gold prices dipped Wednesday but held above the key $1,900 support after data showed U.S. inflation grew for a second month in a row, causing the Federal Reserve some discomfort but enough analysts said to drastically change the central bank’s outlook on rates. Read on »

The Bigger Short:
“Out of approximately 750 industry attendees, maybe a dozen of us got the joke, and we were all finance guys. The industry guys seemed oblivious to the potential squeeze on supply.” Read on »

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