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  • ⛏️ Silver prices squeezed 4% higher. Here's why.

⛏️ Silver prices squeezed 4% higher. Here's why.

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Silver prices squeezed 4% higher after Chinese currency intervention
A perfect storm is brewing in the silver market as the expected easing from the Chinese government to support its faltering economy is squeezing shorts in the marketplace and driving prices significantly higher. Although short squeezes by nature aren’t sustainable, some analysts said that silver has room to move higher in the near term. Read on »

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Investors Say They’ll Stick With Gold as Fed Cycle Nears End
Gold isn’t losing its allure, according to a dozen money managers who all told Bloomberg News they expect to maintain or raise their exposure to the precious metal in the coming 12 months. They anticipate there’s pent-up gold demand from investors waiting for the Fed to finish. Read on »

Ex-Head Of JPMorgan's Precious Metals Desk Sentenced To Prison For Manipulation
The case was part of a crackdown by federal prosecutors on illegal spoofing, where traders place bogus orders to move prices up or down and then quickly cancel them before they can be executed. Smith and Nowak used the technique to manipulate gold and silver prices from 2008 to 2016. Read on »

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