⛏️ Uranium prices have quadrupled

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Uranium prices have quadrupled. So why are mining stocks lagging? 
Uranium prices have quadrupled over the past four years, buoyed by rising demand for nuclear power and supply challenges, Now that uranium prices have broken above the $100-a-pound level, Sprott thinks uranium miners may generate greater investor interest. Read on »

Bitcoin Hiccups in First Week of ETF Trading
To anyone who just jumped on the bandwagon – via ETF or not – welcome to crypto. If you zoom out and look at the price of bitcoin you’ll notice that it is still up >75% over the past year, while bitcoin's post-ETF rally hasn’t even begun. Read on »

The Independent Speculator on the Two Yellow Metals in 2024
Lobo Tiggre's highest-conviction trade for the year switched from uranium to gold, and how he thinks that will play out in 2024. Read on »

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