⛏️ Will BRICS Smash the Dollar?

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Ron Paul: Will BRICS Smash the Dollar?
The BRICS hope to achieve its goal of undermining the foundation of US power, the dollar’s global reserve currency status. The rejection of the dollar is also being driven in large part by resentment over the “weaponization” of the dollar’s reserve currency status. Read on »

Gold retreats on Fed's higher-for-longer stance
The downward momentum in gold – due to the higher-for-longer and the soft landing narrative – has further triggered some liquidation of long positions, Further pressure could come from systematic funds flipping to a net short position over the next few days. Read on »

Backfire: World's Fourth Largest Iron Ore Producer Stops Purchasing Carbon Offsets
Recent studies have shown that most credits probably don't represent any climate benefit. and another has revealed "carbon offsets are prone to 'greenwashing' and most credits don't actually benefit the climate. Read on »

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